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The immune system responds to genetic and biochemical variations in an adaptive manner that may, however, contribute to autoimmune disease. The immune system plays an important role in many other diseases, but the interplay of the immune system and other physiological systems is poorly understood.

The overall objective of this Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence (2012-2017) is to understand the molecular mechanisms that control the immune system as well as the interactions between the immune system and other physiological systems in health and disease, and to translate this knowledge into novel treatment and prevention strategies of inflammatory/immune-mediated disorders, with specific focus on type 1 diabetes.

The studies will help establish if and to what extent the metabolic (dys)regulation regulates or is regulated by the immune system. Along the way, we will learn about the role of metabolism in early stages of autoimmune diseases as well as reveal novel molecular mechanisms controlling T-cell differentiation.

In spotlight

Educate your immune system
New York Times article about latest DIABIMMUNE paper published in Cell (June 3rd, 2016).

Early childhood gut microbiome shapes immune defence
Paper by T. Vatanen et al. published in Cell on April 28th, 2016.

The Centre of Excellence research lines and anticipated impacts are shown below.